Sunrise Art Club launched a new Purchase Program to stimulate sales for undervalued artists that any galleries or institutions do not currently represent. This initiative will provide funding and support to artists as they begin establishing themselves in the art world.

Through this program, the club hopes to help ensure that all talented individuals have access to the resources and opportunities needed to thrive in their chosen fields. The purchase program ensures that all artists receive recognition and appreciation.

Sunrise Art Club's Purchase Program is an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to have their voice heard. So if you are interested in joining this exciting movement, be sure to submit your application today!

At Sunrise Art Club, we are dedicated to supporting and promoting artists worldwide. Through our various gallery events and exhibitions, we give talented individuals the opportunity to showcase their artwork to a broader audience.

Recently, we curated a gallery event in New York that was focused on displaying artwork projected onto walls. The goal of this project was twofold: first, it aimed to engage passersby in the artwork and stimulate interest in our featured artists; second, it aimed to help these unrepresented artists get their work purchased. Overall, the event was a great success, helping to expose a new audience to some incredible artwork while also allowing previously undervalued artists to shine.


Application Process

Each Purchase Program application is carefully reviewed by our Who is on the Sunrise Team?, organized in a spreadsheet and filtered by lowest to highest in sales.

All NFT applicants are reviewed by:

Once minimized to a group of 30+ creators, we send a form to our How can I Support Sunrise? for the final vote. The NFTs organize by pricing and style, the top nine NFTs receive bids from Sunrise Art Club, and the remaining applicants are in the Sunrise Art Club Catalog for future projects and opportunities. All secondary NFT sales from the Purchase go back into Sunrise Art Club.

<aside> 🌞 The next purchase is TBA depending on sales. You may still apply until then. Follow Sunrise Art Club on Twitter for updates.



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